Transitioning to Real Food: Part 2

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”  ~Author Unknown

So this week I was all set out to write a bunch of posts to have some underway in case I get stuck a few weeks with studying during the NTP course; which starts in just over a month!  Crazy.  I can’t believe it came up so quickly.  But anyways, on the morning I was going to start writing, I was playing with munchkin and <WHACK> her hand flung and her finger nail poked my eye.  Gosh it hurt. 30 minutes later, I still couldn’t open my eye.  I’m secretly freaking out because I had Lasik eye surgery (which is amazing by the way) less than 6 months ago and I was worried that got disrupted.  I called my eye doctor and got an appointment within an hour of the incident.  I’m so impressed with that company.  Fortunately, surgery sites were fine but I had a pretty hefty scratch on my cornea and since it was a finger nail they were highly concerned about infection.  They put a ‘band aid’ contact lens in and some prescriptions for eye drops.

Of course, this is made more difficult by the fact that we are trying to have another baby.  Every time I put drops in I have to lay flat and occlude my tear duct for 5 minutes to limit the systemic effects of the steroid and antibiotic drops I had to take. Four days later, they were finally able to take the contact out; I found out I’m not pregnant so I don’t have to plug the duct every time I put in drops; and I can finally see again.  There were so many things I wanted to do this week that just had to be put on hold.  On the bright side, I took three amazing naps, that were probably long over due.  Probably my body’s way of getting me to slow down some.

Back to this lifestyle change.  It has been going so well; I am surprising myself.  I am continuing to keep a low grain and low dairy diet but my primary focus is avoiding those processed foods.  This time, it really hasn’t been as hard as it has been for the past year and a half since I learned about paleo.  I am no longer craving sweets every evening. I know that when I eat something ‘iffy’ I don’t feel very good afterwards.  I had some stomach issues the second week in, although it seemed stress related combined with low stomach acid. I took HCL with pepsin at every high protein meal for about a week and then I was just fine and I haven’t needed it since.

I went to a wedding last week.  I tried a few appetizers that were in no way paleo and I even had a few bites of cake.  For the first time in my life, I felt content with just a few bites and didn’t feel the need to finish the whole piece.  It was such an amazing feeling. I felt free from the chains of processed foods.  Honestly, cake used to be my favorite thing.  I loved birthday cake, birthday cake ice cream, birthday cake oreos, and well Breyer’s Birthday Cake Oreo ice cream was just phenomenal.  Now, it’s all to sweet for me.  It is a little sad, but overall, I’m not that upset about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love homemade fresh cobblers, or zucchini muffins (or zucchini-banana like those pictured above that I made following this recipe), but I just don’t crave them like I used to.

Even when I do have the occasional sweet, it doesn’t set me off track.  Maybe the next day I’m a little more interested, but not enough to derail my progress.  While I am stepping on the scale, it’s not because I care about the ultimate number, it’s purely to monitor myself. I feel as though I am eating plenty.  I eat when I’m hungry, and sometimes I eat when I’m just bored, but usually I go for fruit or those yummy Epic Bars.

I’ve lost ~7 pounds this month.  I think that most of it is bloat.  Losing processed food and processed sugar has decreased the amount of water I’m retaining and I just feel better.  I still make choices.  Is this food worth how I’m going to feel after it?  Do I really want it or would something else work to satisfy what my body needs? Sometimes, I eat the cake. When my eye was throbbing and I had to buy the cake for a coworkers birthday, I did, I had a piece.  I didn’t feel great afterwards which I will remember for next time.  But I don’t regret it.

I read skimmed an article recently about getting children to eat better. The bottom line was telling children “you don’t have to eat it.”  I think that is important for me too.  I don’t have to eat it, but I can if I really want to. Maybe I am approaching it differently than we want our children too but I think the bottom line is important. There should be no stigma around food.  People should eat what they want to and can avoid what they want to.  The stress around it makes it so much worse for me.

Thanks for reading!


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