Becoming a parent has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Every time I feel like it gets little easier, everything changes and it gets so much harder again!  You know what’s also hard?  Making mom friends!  having similar aged children opens up doors that may have never been possible before but finding like minded parents can be challenging.

I truly believe that every parent that loves their child is a good parent.  I will not judge another parent for choosing to do things differently than I do.  Because this sh*t is hard.  And we do what we can to survive.  Love is the bottom line.  That being said, it’s really great to talk to someone face to face and vent about the strains or gloat about the joys when you have similarly raised children.  (I say face to face because I am in some amazing facebook groups for this, but I thrive on in person stuff.)

In a very timely fashion my husband sent me this article about what might happen if you ask an acquaintance to get coffee.  Well I did it, I took the plunge and it went really well!  I found someone with a similar aged kid with similar views.  I mean I was a total blabber mouth as I always am when I find someone to talk to, but it went really well.  Gosh, this is getting personal.  I’ll get on to the real topic shortly.  But do it, take the plunge.  Get someone’s number.  Meet for coffee.  Have a playdate.  It might not go well.  Who cares?  What if it does?

Since this is a food blog, I want to talk about parenting when it comes to food.  I will rephrase what I said above, if you feed your child you are a good parent.  We all pick and choose what is most important to us.  Sometimes we choose, sometimes it just happens.  Food for me was a biggie.  Remember, I started learning about all of this real food right around when munchkin was 4 months old.  2 months before she got her first taste of something other than mama milk.  

I did some research and decided I wanted to do a combination of baby led weaning and purees.  Self feeding skills and textures, those were my goals.  First food was a whole banana, plopped down on her tray, she gnawed on it and loved it!  Then apples (note: these are a slight chocking hazard so if your little one has a ton of teeth like mine did be even more vigilant than you usually are) and it just kept blossoming from there.  Then we just started offering her whatever we were eating.  I picked more ‘stick-like’ items but all in all at home, she ate what we ate.

I have never personally made a dinner for my child separate from what we are eating.  If I want scallops and asparagus, that’s what she has. (Side note: she loved it!) Breakfast and lunch aren’t always the same but for breakfast she either has scrambled eggs, grass fed yogurt, or 2-3x/month pancakes or Ezekiel bread.  Sometimes the pancakes are paleo, sometimes they are Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain, but either way, they are pretty healthy.

Lunch is typically leftovers from the night before, or I buy precooked chicken for ease.  Sometimes, I give her Annie’s Mac’n Cheese (grass fed) with the leftover protein but not more than 1x/week.  We nearly always pack leftovers in her daycare lunch and on Wednesdays she participates in pizza day at school.  Yup.  Pizza.  I don’t even know where it’s from.  But that one day a week I don’t have to worry about her lunch is glorious!

Then there are her snacks.  Her favorites are tomatoes, cucumbers, raisins.  She eats sticks of cheese, and wheels of cheese, and tons of cheese.  She loves fruit of any kind.  She also loves bars.  I buy the natural and healthiest ‘kid bars’ I can find.  I tried to get her into epic bars but she isn’t a huge fan.  It’s not perfect, but you know what, bars make my life easy.  I make my own when I can (recipes will come to this blog some day) but sometimes, I just need to hand a bar to her in her carseat so I can get through the drive home. (We go for these fig bars quite a bit and sometimes get the gluten free ones.  I am upset that there is Canola oil in them, but at least it isn’t soy…)

You win some, you lose some.  She tried a bite of liver pate the other and she didn’t spit it out.  She didn’t want another bite but who cares!  She tried it.  That’s the rule.  She tries everything but she doesn’t have to finish anything.  When she is done she is done.  Food will not be a battle because it should be joy.

How is it going with your munchkins?


PS This birthday cake I made for her is totally refined sugar free!  Honey buttercream and the inside I used some coconut sugar and some applesauce.  I’ll be honest the cake was a little dense so I wouldn’t make it again and I am not going to post how I adapted the recipe but it looked good (and I am darn proud of those cake ball polka dots!) Oh and all natural, whole foods to make the colors!