Review of the Fed and Fit Project

I haven’t posted in weeks because well, life and work and school and all that.  But it’s been fun and wonderful so #sorrynotsorry.  Once school is done, I plan to post more, but for now I will post when I can.

Let us get quickly to the point though! I’m about a month out from successfully completing the Fed and Fit project and overall, I’m loved it. I allowed myself some extra indulgences over the holidays (because I wanted them) and this was been great to reduce those returned sugar cravings and basically just follow along and have someone else tell me what to do. Also – my husband gave rave reviews of this as well so that’s a big plus! Here are my pros and cons (also note, I am no way affiliated with the Fed and Fit Project nor do I get anything from mentioning them or their products, I’m just posting about it to share it with you all!)


Delicious Food – the recipes in this book are spectacular with such a bound of flavor you will not get bored
Variety – Cassy Joy varies proteins, starches, and vegetables. While I feel as though we are pretty broad eaters usually, this gave us more things to try.
Plenty of Carbs – as a #CrossFitFamily we like our carbs in addition to our protein and veggies. This also really helped satisfy my bodies need for carbs by appropriately incorporating them at each meal so I truly wasn’t craving them each day
Exercise Plan – While I followed a lot of my own exercise plans, the few days I followed the plan that she and Juli Bauer came up with were really good. Like sweaty, feel like you got a good work out good. Also, as a PT – I truly respect and appreciate how they incorporate the mobility and recommendations for rest days. Spot on ladies!
ALL the prereading – Seriously though, even if you don’t do any of the meal plans or recipes, this book it is worth it for Cassy Joy’s approach to the Pillars of Health. She writes beautifully and succinctly (which in a time crunch I love) and gets her point across so well. It is totally mindset everyone!
Leftovers – this meal plan would probably still have leftovers for a growing family of 5. Cassy Joy discusses this in the book and while we usually don’t cook for leftovers, it was actually really nice to have, some we put in the freezer and others we ate on a night we didn’t feel like cooking.  We went away a few weekends ago on a trip that I know usually has few foods that I can indulge in and I loved being able to pull some meals out of the freezer to bring along.  Kept me on track and feeling great.
Grocery lists – This is probably something that all meal plans have but wow are they wonderful!


Time Intensive – Cassy Joy must be speedy in the kitchen because although I would consider myself an experienced home cook, prep work took me way longer than described in many of the recipes. Some I’m sure had to do with distractions (ahem kiddo) but most of the recipes had quite a few steps. I didn’t mind it as I like cooking but I really had to preplan.
Dishes – These recipes didn’t not spare you on dishes. Even the casseroles, you end up with one pan but then you need 6 others to prep all the indgredients. This probably is why everything is so good, but for my family it isn’t sustainable.
Kid Friendliness – it’s not really. My child is a really good eater but there were so many flavors in these dishes I think it just overwhelmed her palate. I also took out the spice in a lot of them because she doesn’t like spicy foods. I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a con, because it’s not advertised as such and there are kid friendly options out there, but since I talk about motherhood sometimes I need to put it out there. Maybe I should say not toddler friendly, but really, my daughter eats better than some adults.
Too much food – The leftovers are great, really, but I would be impressed if any couple is able to follow the whole plan for the 28 days. Even with my deep freezer I would run out of room. Nice thing though – it gives you options!

What I learned:

Casseroles – I have never really made casseroles before. I don’t like the prep work. But honestly, with my current work situation, it has been amazing. I can put all the ingredients together ahead of time and the hubs can just put it in the oven before he picks up munchkin and then its just done! All the prep work dishes can be done ahead of time and we only have one pan to wash after. It’s pretty nice and definitely changed my mind about doing things.
Meal Planning – I am usually a lets see what looks good at the store then lets see what we feel like throwing together day of kind of shopper/chef. The past four weeks of having preplanned weeks of meals has been eye opening. I now know what people are talking about when they want meal planning. It’s also why I now have been purchasing and following exercise plans. I don’t need a group for motivation but it is so nice for what you’re doing to be written down and preplanned so you can’t back out.  In the few weeks since we ended the project, I continue to meal prep 4-5 meals a week planning at least one leftovers day.
Abstainer – so abstainer versus moderator, I am doing really well just abstaining from the crap. I know I’m on a plan and I’m not going to eat the other stuff. I did ‘stray’ from time to time (post workout I grabbed sushi without even thinking about the rice as off project) but for the most part it’s been really easy to stick with it. I felt pretty confident afterwards with my PYP (perfect you plan). Ao few weeks later, I am still working on reintroductions and honestly, I haven’t reintroduced much.  Every time I try sugar, it turns out terribly (lesson learned this time I hope!).  White rice seems to fine and hummus seems okay too 🙂  I tried some gluten free oats, but they were in oatmeal raisin cookies I made so I’m not sure if the oats or the coconut palm sugar were the problem.  Probably both.

How I did the project:

I read everything first. I don’t always do that but I felt it important this time and it really helped. The first week I followed every meal pretty exactly for breakfast lunch and dinner. Once we figured out how much food every meal makes we decided to just pick 4-5 for each 7 day period for the next 3 weeks. Also – I used the breakfast templates as a guide and didn’t actually make any more of the listed breakfasts. With leftover starches I had no problem just upping the carb intake on my usual eggs and greens breakfasts. I added a weekly meal of fish in because we love fish I can’t get enough of it.  For fitness I used Jen Sinkler and JVBs Bedrock Strength which I am continuing with and find it pretty life changing.  3 days a week of exercise and just great for me.  (Not sponsored).  I think it’s important to be flexible and to try new things.  Following this project changed how we approach meals for the better.  I feel good, my back pain is minimal and I’m pretty darn happy and calm.  I will probably put the book away for ‘special occasion’ meals as I head back to Practical Paleo so just as yummy but slightly easier recipes.

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