Episode 3 – Eating Intuitively

Mid January seemed like a good time to talk about eating intuitively and sustainability of habits. Today Andrea and Beth discuss what it’s like for them to eat intuitively and then how they make their habits long lasting. As a bonus this week, Andrea shares statistics on grip strength and cardiovascular disease and we discuss the best way to improve grip strength for our movement makeover.

Show Notes

[4:48] In the Kitchen: Make a list and don’t shop hungry

[7:07] Movement Makeover: Work on grip strength!

[13:30] Eating Intuitively

[14:24] What does it mean to eat intuitively?

[15:40] How Andrea and Beth eat intuitively

[21:30] Listener question – avoiding weight gain if eating ‘intuitively’

[26:56] Me Time Segment – How to make habits sustainable


Pull Up Bar Video

Gretchen Rubin – Abstainer vs Moderator

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