Episode 4 – Blood Sugar Regulation

In today’s episode we discuss signs and symptoms of blood sugar dysregulation and how to combat it. You will find our tips on how to get moving with your kids and way to get the feeling of sweet without sugar!

Show Notes

[2:52] In the Kitchen: Try adding cinnamon, vanilla or cardamom to make things taste sweeter

[7:32] Movement Makeover”: Get on the Floor with your kids

[10:35] Signs and Symptoms of Blood Sugar Dysregulation

[12:47] Long Term Consequences of Blood Sugar Dysregulation

[14:35] Causes of of Blood Sugar Dysregulation

[16:08] Healthy Fats

[18:11] Knowing your baseline

[21:00] Suggestions to support blood sugar regulation

[32:09] Me Time Segment – Grace and Yoga




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