Episode 5 – Blood Sugar Regulation and Stress

Today Andrea and Beth discuss how Stress and Blood Sugar dysregulation are interchangeable. We review the physiology of stress, why we should limit it and strategies to do so.

Show Notes

[02:58] In the Kitchen: Use frozen vegetables

[06:44] Movement Makeover: Stretch!

Pec Stretch #1, Pec Stretch #2

Andrea’s Stretching Videos: Hip Opener, Hip and Core Mobility, Chest Opener

[08:55] Blood Sugar Regulation and Stress

[12:57] Why is combatting stress so important?

[14:15] How do we combat stress? Vagal Tone by Meo Energetics

[27:30] Breathing Strategies: 4-7-8 Breathing; Alternate Nostril Breathing

[29:07] Me Time: Fit4Mom (not sponsored!)


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