Episode 6 – Stress and Parenthood

This week we talk about shame versus guilt, stress and sleep, and breastfeeding and mom-shaming. It’s a little longer than usual with these hot topics!

Show Notes

[03:40] In the Kitchen: Set it and forget it (Instant Pot)

[05:37] Movement Makeover: Stretch your toes! (Stretching Socks, Yoga Toes, Stretching Video)

[10:48] Shame vs Guilt (The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting, Beth’s Blog Post)

[13:30] Stress and Sleep and Ways to Maximize (Meditation Apps: Calm, Headspace, Buddhify)

[18:24] Sleep and Parenthood (Blue Light Reduction Resources: Twilight (for android), Night Shift (built in on apple), f.lux (for desktops); Low Blue Light Website)

[23:20] Shame and Breast vs Bottle Feeding (Beth’s Favorite Online Lactation Support Person – Katie Madden)

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