Episode 13 – Guest Kim Engstrom – Counselor

Today we invited Kim Engstrom onto our show to talk about anxiety and depression, seeking mental health care, and what to expect. For more from Kim go to her website or check out her column!

Show Notes


[00:30] Beth and Andrea’s Updates

[01:06] Meet Kim

[02:30] Holistic Counseling

[04:38] Blood Work – Recommendations and Getting your Doctor on Board

[11:45] Recognizing Anxiety and Depression

[15:40] Postpartum Depression (PPD) versus the “Baby Blues”

[17:15] Where to Start?

[18:45] What to look for in a Mental Health Provider?

[23:20] What do sessions look like?

[26:50] One Final Takeaway from Kim

[28:48] Beth’s Summary

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