Episode 22 – Downstream Effects

When we aren’t taking care of the basics like sleep, mental health, and digestion – a lot of things can go awry downstream. Today we are talking about how to manage downstream effects and what to focus on upstream.

Show Notes

[00:30] Personal and Business Updates

[05:14] In the Kitchen: Get larger water bottle (Beth’s Current)

[07:46] Movement Makeover: Workout with your kids

[11:40] What do we mean by ‘Downstream Effects’?

[13:00] Why is it important to look upstream? (Hormonal Balance Webinar, Facebook Group)

[16:28] Treating both ends

[21:08] How does affect our bodies?

[23:46] Digestion and Leaky Gut

[25:25] Other affect areas

[26:00] Skin Issues

[32:30] Take Aways

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