Episode 56 – Bedtime Routines

Let’s talk about bedtime! Bedtime is one of the hardest times with kids, everyone’s tired and cranky and I’m sure it has been a long day. A solid bedtime routine can be incredibly helpful.

Show Notes

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[04:25] Bedtime Routines

[06:45] 5 Things for an Effective Bedtime Routine (Consistency, Concise, Flexible, Predictable, Including your Child)

[09:38] Andrea’s Routines with a 21 month old

[12:00] What not to include in a routine

[16:20] Beth’s 4 year old and 5 month old routines plus what gets in the way or throws routines off track

[27:18] When they need something ‘more’

[32:07] Beth’s Proud Mama Moment (Empowered and Enlightened Kiddo)


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