Episode 65 – The Gap between Knowing and Doing

Have you ever felt that pull between knowing and doing? For instance maybe there is something you know you want to do but you are struggling to take the step or leap into it? Today, Andrea and Beth talk about some action steps on how to help your dreams/goals/laundry doing become a reality.

Show Notes

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[04:35] Marketing Plug (See above for writing a review or email your interest to featsofrealeats@gmail.com)

[05:34] The Gap between Knowing and Doing

[07:36] Step 1: Get Clarity (Acknowledge what you want to be doing) (Goal Setting Episode)

[10:27] Step 2: Give yourself Grace

[11:55] Step 3: Figure out “Priorities”

[13:10] Step 4: Set Aside Time

  1. Imagine yourself “doing those things”
  2. List out positives of “doing those things”
  3. List out negatives of “doing those things”
  4. Determine your Barriers to Success (Covered later at [30:15])

[25:25] Tips for Quick Habits: 2 minute rule and mess begets mess

[29:00] What’s the Next Step?

[30:15] Step 4 Bonus: Determine Barriers to Success

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