Episode 69 – Cook Once, Eat All Week with Cassy Joy Garcia

Today Andrea and Beth get the opportunity to chat with Cassy Joy Garcia about her revolutionary method of meal prep. She discusses the ins and outs of her upcoming book and provides some of her favorite cost saving tips and cooking utensils.

Show Notes

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[02:10] What is “Cook Once, Eat All Week”

[09:52] Dietary Considerations

[13:45] For Someone New to Meal Prepping

[16:15] Seasonality

[18:45] Cost Savings

[22:57] “Hacks” and Favorite Kitchen Tools

[25:45] Remember What’s in The Freezer


The Book!

Some links for the Kitchen Gadget Suggestions

Citrus Juicer

Kitchen Shears


Measuring Cup (liquid and dry)

Large Metal Mixing Bowl

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