Episode 72 – Vaccines

Pro-Vaxx, Anti-Vaxx, Pro-Science. The “Vaccine Debate” can get pretty heated and is often led with emotions and not science. Andrea and I try to take emotions out of this debate to look at why people might be choosing not to vaccinate, despite the fact that vaccines are effective for their designated purpose. We hope that this episode helps you to inform yourself on all matters that are important to you and your children.

Show Notes

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[02:56] Vaccine Topic Introduction

[04:05] New Laws/Legislation and Mandation of Vaccines

[11:30] Why are some people not vaccinating their children?

[18:00] Problems with “The Debate”

[20:00] Gaps in Data

[22:00] Efficacy vs Safety

[24:00] Research Struggles

[30:13] Vaccine Side Effect Tracking

[35:40] Correlation vs Causation

[39:00] Aluminum

[43:30] Ingredient Purposes and Susceptibility

[45:40] Informing Yourself and Asking Questions

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