Episode 73 – Childhood Anxiety with Kathleen Schwarz

Y’all are going to want to take notes for this one. Beth talks with Kathleen Schwarz from Compassionate Healing Services about anxiety, particularly childhood anxiety. We talk about the warning signs, what not to do, and what you can do to help your kids, and yourself, too!

Show Notes

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[00:32] Introducing Kathleen

[02:12] Why childhood anxiety?

[06:38] What Can Cause Childhood Anxiety?

[13:33] How Does Childhood Anxiety Present?

[16:36] Fear and Anxiety

[22:12] What Not to Do

[25:37] Prevention Steps

[33:09] Action Steps in Crisis

[36:56] Action Steps in Day to Day (Like Homework Management)

[44:00] Final Note



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An Article About Marsha Lenihan who created DBT


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