Cucumber and Cabbage Salad

My garden really has been doing well this year.  I got two nice sized cabbages and I am continuing to get so many cucumbers.  I wanted to do a sort of play on cole slaw and added the cucumbers in there for crunch.  You can make this and serve immediately or if you make it ahead, add the dressing no more than 30 minutes before serving.  I also am testing out my husbands DSLR camera during these images.  I think I will like using it eventually, but it definitely has a learning curve.

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Cucumber and Cabbage Salad
  1. Finely chop the cabbage.
  2. Add the cabbage about 1/4 at a time and sprinkle with 1/2 tsp of salt after each quarter. Massage the salt into the cabbage to help release some of the cabbage juices and soften the cabbage.
  3. Julienne the cucumbers and add to the cabbage mixture.
  4. Mix the Vinegar, EVOO, and pepper and add to the cucumbers and cabbages within 30 minutes of serving.
Recipe Notes

Feel free to add any other fresh herbs to the seasoning. I left it plain as we were eating with a pretty flavorful chicken and grilled corn meal.

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So first I have to show off a few pictures of my product!

Start by chopping up the cabbage as finely as possible.

Add it to the bowl 1/4 at a time sprinkling with salt.  You need some elbow grease to use your hands to massage and soften the cabbage and get those juices out but it is well worth it! It shrinks up quite a bit.

Then the cucumber.  The skin of mine is pretty bitter so I peeled them for this dish.  If they are on the heartier side you definitely want to scoop the seeds out as well.  You can use a julienne peeler or julienne them by hand.  I tried both and I preferred the hand method as my cucumbers were a bit too soft for the peeler.

Mix the cucumbers with the cabbage and make the dressing.  I got to use my mini whisk to combine the oil and vinegar and then I added the pepper.

Then when you are ready to serve, mix it all in!  It’s not the most attractive of dishes but it is pretty yummy!




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