Infant Massage Course – Group Instruction

Current group class registration is closed.

Are you ready to learn how to provide massage effectively to your child(ren)?

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Bring your baby and join other parents in learning the art of infant massage! I’m offering a 5 week training course which is open to all parents with children aged 6 weeks through pre-crawling. (If your child will be less than 6 weeks but you would like to participate, e-mail me to discuss your options!)
We will focus not only on the techniques of massage but also the benefits and other ways for you to connect and interact with your young baby. There will be always be time for questions and discussion.

How Much and What’s Included

Fee: $195


  • 5 group sessions with guided instruction
  • Vimala McClure’s Infant Massage Book
  • A starter bottle of oil appropriate for massage
  • Printed handouts and access to downloadable materials
  • Open and guided discussion with other parents of similar aged children

In addition to being a certified educator in infant massage I am also a pediatric physical therapist. Throughout the duration of the course, I am happy to provide support for your developmental questions before, after or integrated into the classes.

When and Where

Registration is closed. Sign up for the email list to be the first to hear about future offerings.


What do I need to bring to class?

A blanket or towel and a pillow for positioning.

What if I can’t make a class?

There are no make-ups or refunds. Each week, we will review the massage strokes learned from the previous week(s) while going over new material which will give you an opportunity to catch up from a missed class. All materials from classes will be available for download.

What does a class look like?

All classes start with and introduction and brief relaxation. Then we will review prior learned massage strokes (separated by different areas of the body) and go on to new strokes. At any point if your child is hungry you may absolutely feed them in any way you like. If they are tired and fall asleep, we will let them sleep. I will still go over the strokes and be happy to guide you through new areas as needed. Following the stroke education, we will review various topics of information and save time for discussion among the other families. This is a great opportunity to get to know other families in your area.

How many people are in a class?

I cap my classes at 10 families maximum (an possibly smaller depending on location) to allow a more intimate session and to be able to provide support to everyone participating in the class.

My kid is crawling/walking everywhere, can I do infant massage on them?

You can absolutely perform infant massage on crawling and walking kiddos; however, I am not currently offering group courses for this age child. With enough interest, I may eventually have this offering or I recommend you consider private instruction which offers education in the same material on a one on one setting which is more easily adaptable to the moving child. Click here to sign up for private instruction.

Why do you start at 6 weeks?

Babies younger than 6 weeks can get extremely overwhelmed in the group setting. If you are trying to get the course in before the end of a maternity leave, I may make exceptions; however, understand, that your child may experience increased upset in the group setting which can be draining on you as the parent. I am happy to discuss your options, e-mail me!

Can I bring older siblings?

Unfortunately we cannot have siblings participate in the group class. Infant massage is designed to facilitate bonding between you and your child and distractions, especially during the training, are discouraged.

What if I’m interested, but I can’t make this day/time or I don’t have childcare for other siblings?

Let me know what day/time is better, I could possibly open up a second course if there is enough interest, or I am happy to do one on one sessions. Typically we only need 3 sessions to review the material for one on one sessions and you aren’t getting the benefit of group interaction, but you will learn all of the same techniques and information. Please email me if you have interest in private individual sessions – pricing varies based on location.

Want to host a course?

Let’s chat. If you have a few friends who want to get together to host a smaller more intimate course in your home and are local to West Chester, PA, I’m sure we can work something out.

Ready to Sign Up?

Check back in 2018 for more offerings!