Infant Massage – Private Instruction

While I highly recommend the group class, sometimes it just doesn’t work with your schedule, or maybe your child isn’t in the recommended age range. Whatever the circumstances, I would love to meet with you and you baby/child one on one. Included in the one on one course is the following:

  • 3 one on one sessions in your home (or mine if you prefer)
    • (I will drive up to 15 miles outside of the 19382 Zip code, additional fees may apply for farther distances)
  • Vimala McClure’s Infant Massage Book
  • Handouts including the different strokes and educational materials
  • Starter Oil that is safe for babies

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How old should my child be?

For private lessons we can start as early as 2-3 weeks and continue up through one year. If you child has any signs of developmental delay, I am happy to work with you for kids over the age of one.

When should I schedule the sessions?

If your child is on a schedule, ideal timing is when they either just woke up or just ate. Generally when they are the most content. If you have multiple children and the other child(ren) nap, scheduling the sessions while they are napping can provide a more ample opportunity for learning and connection with your baby. If this isn’t feasible, I can work with you to ensure that you are learning what you need to, while your children are present. That is the joy of the private lessons.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t do this?

The only babies that we take more caution in infant massage are those that are currently in the NICU. If your child is home, he or she is appropriate for infant massage. We can adapt to any additional needs/concerns as they arise.

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