I want to guide you in becoming your best self. Most of the time we all have one thing that we decide to focus on and we expect big results.  Maybe it's diet, maybe it's exercise, maybe it's self care. I use the metaphor of a house on my welcome page. Your dream home needs to have a solid foundation, walls, furniture and decor to really feel like home.  Your body is home to your soul.  Nutrition, Hydration and Blood Sugar Regulation lay the foundation; Exercise is the walls, Mindfulness encompasses the furnishings. You may be concerned that you only have time for one or two things but not all, or that you can only go full force into one of them.  I have news for you. Making small changes in each of these areas can make a bigger change then focusing all of you energy on one area. Life is a balance and for most of us, our scales are out of whack.  Peruse these foundations so that you have an idea of how I can support you. Together you can become who you truly want to be.

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