Blood Sugar Regulation

Remember in the Nutrition section where I said that fat was long burning energy and carbohydrates are quick burning? This is where blood sugar regulation comes into play. We have such easy access to processed carbohydrates every where we turn. Over time, our bodies ‘forget’ how to burn fat because they always have carbs to rely on. These leads to the need and desire to snack regularly, headaches and crashes if we don’t and can burn out our blood sugar organs which include the pancreas, liver, and adrenal glands. Burn out of these organs is often what leads to Type 2 diabetes, but there are so many areas of health that can be affected prior. As our adrenal glands get overused and ultimately less efficient, this is what can lead to a feeling of excessive fatigue all. the. time. Our hormone balance can go out of whack and even cause fertility issues. We may feel like we need to eat all the time or can only survive with coffee. Supporting these areas of health comes down to giving our body what it truly needs in the long run, not what it needs in the next 5 minutes. This includes possibly some dietary changes and supplemental support in addition to some stress management techniques as well. Don’t forget, if you want to have some tips now on how to support these foundations, sign up for my email list!