As a part time working and part time stay at home mom, I get it.  It is really hard to take time for ourselves.  I always love when people reference the 'Flight Attendant Speech' and the importance of putting your own oxygen mask on first.  Our kids, spouse, pets, friends, want and need us to be our best selves.  To do that, this mental well being piece is so important!  Could your mental health difficulties (whether diagnosed or not) be a result of imbalance from a non-optimal diet or digestive system? Absolutely.  But really, when's the last time you truly took some time for yourself?  Do you even remember what you love to do anymore?

It took me a while to remember.  I like to lift weights.  I like to rock climb.  I like to go to a yoga class.  I like to cook, read, and sometimes, watch TV.  These are all things that I like to do on my own.  Meditation has become a very big part of my life as well.  It has been an amazing way to help control my response to my reactions.  It's fabulous.

Having more power over our mental health can make us and everyone around us a little happier, a little calmer, and just make our lives a little fuller.

Through our Journey together, let's figure out what you need to do to tackle this piece.