What to expect?

What can I offer you?

Are you feeling tired? Rundown? Low Energy? Do you not know who you are any more? This isn’t normal, despite what those memes say!
I’ve been there too, and yes, those early sleepless nights are rough but as those kids start sleeping better (or even if they aren’t) and your energy levels remain low, have you ever thought that you could do something about it?
That’s where I come in. As a nutritional therapy practitioner I am trained and certified to help guide you towards maximizing the benefit of whole, real foods. I use a system of foundations to determine how to best support your body and mind to determine and achieve your goals.
I am passionate that food and family go hand and hand. As parents, we not only want to be there for our kids, but we also want to teach them how to properly nourish their bodies too. Whether we want them to or not, they are watching us closely and we don’t get to pick and choose which qualities they decide to emulate.
As an NTP, the basis of our way to achieve optimal health is through a nutrient dense diet. However, often times, even if we are eating all of the right things, our bodies might not be able to digest and absorb the parts of our food we need. Even if that all is running smoothly, if we are experiencing stress, pain, or physical limitations, we still may not be able to become exactly who we want to be. That’s where the rest of my foundations come in. Check out the website for information on these 5 foundations (Nutrition, Blood Sugar Regulation, Hydration, Exercise and Mental Well Being).
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Consultations – What’s the process?

Before your appointment (Check out this link to start the process)

Let’s get on the phone. I want to talk to you, hear what motivates you, see what your goals are and determine if we would be a good fit. I don’t want to waste your time or money if I don’t think I can provide what you are looking for. If you aren’t ready to make a change now, I’ll be patient, you can come back at any time. I will always return to loyal customers and followers. Our first phone conversation will likely be about 15 minutes.  This way we can set up a plan of how to proceed. We can determine if online or in-person appointments would be better. I will explain all of the necessary paperwork and gather your information to send it along and we will schedule our first official appointment.

I require that all new clients have their paperwork to me at least 48 hours prior to our scheduled appointment. This way I can spend the time making a plan for you ahead of time so that when we meet you can be sure that you will leave with actionable steps the first day. It’s my biggest pet peeve to go to an appointment and be told, “come back next time and we can really get started” The paperwork includes a 3 day food diary, a comprehensive medical history, a disclaimer, and an online symptom questionnaire.

If you’re coming to see me, you’re most likely not going to be someone whose struggles can resolve in one visit.

Our First Session

Our first session is designed for us to have a conversation. I will work to fill in any gaps from your paperwork and dig deeper into some areas. We will discuss your passions and goals further and decide what steps you are ready to take to become the best ‘you.’ You may be given food recommendations, activity modifications, and steps to address stress/sleep/mindfulness as appropriate. We will decide together how many future sessions you might require and make a plan for those sessions. This session will be approximately one hour.

Ongoing Appointments

Follow up appointments typically run about 30 minutes with the exception of a Functional Exam Appointment. This is only available for in-person clients and is not required to achieve your goals. The aim of the functional exam is to allow your body to tell me more about what might be going on, sometimes better than you can articulate. There are various points that we as NTPs test to get insight into your underlying systems.  I can also use your sense of taste of various food or supplements to assist in determining what is likely to be more beneficial to you. This is called Lingual Neural Testing.

For all clients, follow up appointments are designed to add, remove, or tweak changes until we find everything that works for you. The appointments start closer together because what works one week, might not work the next but they get spaced out over time as your body begins to re-regulate. These sessions may be more focused on nutrition, body/fitness, or your mentality depending on what we decide you need the most.

And then what?

Just like I said that I will always return to loyal customers, that loyalty goes both ways. Anyone that completes a package with me will be able to continue to have the ability to e-mail me as needed for questions/support for 6 months following their last appointment. At that point I would recommend a more formal follow up and check in to make sure that everything is still going well. If at any point during your follow up e-mails I think a formal appointment is warranted, I will let you know! I will also be running groups throughout the year if you prefer that method of accountability and access.

I entered this field because I want to help you and your family achieve your goals of optimal health and to become your best selves. I want to be your reliable source of information to support you as you grow into your own self and support your family.

Ready to get started? Have further questions? Email me at featsofrealeats@gmail.com

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