What to expect?

What can I offer you?

Are you feeling tired? Rundown? Low Energy? Is this just what parenthood is supposed to be like? No!
I’ve been there too, and yes, those early sleepless nights are rough but as those kids start sleeping better (heck and might be off to college or with kids of their own!) and your energy levels remain low, have you ever thought that you could do something about it?
Well now you can! As a nutritional therapy practitioner I am trained and certified to help guide you towards maximizing the benefit of whole, real foods. We use a system of foundations to determine how to best support your body and achieve your goals.
I am passionate that food and family go hand and hand. As parents, we not only want to be there for our kids, but we also want to teach them how to properly nourish their bodies too. Whether we want them to or not, they are watching us closely and we don’t get to pick and choose which qualities they decide to emulate.
As an NTP, the basis of our way to achieve optimal health is through a nutrient dense diet. However, often times, even if we are eating all of the right things, our bodies might not be able to digest and absorb the parts of our food we need. That’s where the rest of our foundations come in.
Check out the website for information on my 5 foundations (Food, Blood Sugar Regulation, Hydration, Exercise and Mental Well Being). You will also find a blog that has recipes, fitness information, and some information on my personal journey as well.
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Consultations – What’s the process?

Before your appointment (Check out this link to start the process)
The first step of all consultations is paperwork. I like to get a lot of information on your health history, your current symptoms and your current diet. This helps me prepare for our first interaction and saves you time in the long run. Once we set up a time for our consultation, I will send you all of the paperwork which includes a 3-day food journal (or a way to share a MyFitnessPal account with me), a history questionnaire, and an online nutritional assessment questionnaire. I will also send you a disclaimer to sign prior to our first session as well. I need to receive all of that information at least 48 hours prior to our first appointment so that I can be prepared for that session!

The first few appointments
This is where online versus in person differs. For both clients we will chat for a while so that we can dig down deep and find what your true concerns and goals are and then we will develop an action plan. While supplements are never the primary focus of nutritional therapy, they are a great way to jumpstart us on the right track and help you achieve your goals faster. For online clients I will be making recommendations based on all of the paperwork that you provide me. For in person clients, we can use a functional evaluation to gather more objective information from your body and often test supplements right during our visit to see how beneficial they will be for you. You will leave this session after we agree on a feasible action plan to get you started towards those goals

Follow Up
Unfortunately, for most people, this isn’t a one and done fix. Honestly, I think that’s a good thing. If I recommend that you take a supplement, it might not be something I want you to take forever. I want you to support your system in a way that ultimately, you are getting most of what you need from your food. This takes time. For children, it may be a faster turn around, but they are young and they don’t have to combat the years of energy drain and variable diet changes that the rest of us have faced. Once we have our first session we can discuss what kin of plans we have available.

And then what?
Once you are happy with your new healthy baseline, we can schedule check-ins much less often and much more informally. I think that it’s important to keep an eye on things at least annually because if any symptoms crop up, it’s much easier to work with them right away versus waiting until they become so significant. I will also be running groups throughout the year if you prefer that method of accountability and access. I decided to enter this field because I want to help you and your family achieve your goals of optimal health so if none of this sounds like it will work for you but you’re interested, us the contact me form on the site to reach out or send me an e-mail at featsofrealeats@gmail.com and we can figure something out together.

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